Monday, September 10, 2018

Everything New is Old Again

So my longtime friend Gary A. Poe got a new portrait by a really good photography in historic garb, and I saw it and began tweaking it (like y'do). And for some reason, the tweak began to feel like original colonial Jorune, because that's how my mind works.

The original negotiators creating the new world's constitution - what is Earth going to do - send a cop? But it was serious, post-Western Civilisation for a whole new branch of humanity to grow.

And I like the idea the new human society would revive live performance for drama, history, dance, and music. I really do. Newfield in the Thanterian district.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Quick 'n' Dirty

I spent more time trying to get one graphic to show up on the back issue page than it took to do the rest of the page, including the revised PayPal button. Seriously. This graphic on the side of these words. WILL NOT show up on the web page. Damn. I've given up on programming web pages. Used to be simple HTML. It's not anymore.

So I'm putting up the back issue page as it is, and focusing on my current work instead. Warts and all.

You can get the whole subscription, (11 issues out, #12 in-process which you will get when it appears), or you can pick one, three, six, or nine of the back issues. There is a discount for buying groups - do the math. Individual issues described, scroll down for the order menu, plus links to the free samplers from #1 and #4, plus links to the pages for SHOLARI MAGAZINE v2n1 and GOMO GUIDE: THONEPORT.

And there are still hundreds of pages of freebies. Go to and search "SOJ RPG" - Skyrealms of Jorune Role Playing Game" and you will get some big zip files, grouped by source, and one big momo zip file with everything.


I need some sleep.


I am working on THE COLONIAL BALLOT, which is growing from a simple half-an-issue-of-SEGMENT-SHO-CAUDAL article into something more. And it is building to a way to play "Jorune" in the time right around Earth's Colonial mission. Why would people leave Earth? What did they hope to find? Who thought it was a bad idea?

But at the same time, I'm trying to learn to animate in Photoshop for some new pages and uses. I was working on this little clip.

And tonight I got an email from someone to tell me the SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL sales links are no longer working. At All.

I said I would eliminate the advance sales for #13 and #14, but people should still be able to reach the link for #1-#11, or smaller chunks.  So I need to work on that...

But his is part of what I was working on using a familiar illustration for ALIEN LOGIC by George Barr.



Hey, let's see if the code will work from the journal. Doesn't work on the main page, but ... like the old Jewis lady said where the taxi and run over an old man and killed him. "Give him some chicken soupo," she yells. "Lady, this guy is dead. Chicken soup isn't going to help." She shrugs. "Couldn't hoit."

Feh. Didn't work. But it didn't hurt.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

I'm told not posting to this page is a bad thing. So I will post. The project I thought would be 1/3 of SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL #12 has been growing.

THE COLONIAL BALLOT has become longer, more complex and may become a stand-alone "product" through Why would people leave Earth to become Colonials? What would they be going TO? Basic negotiations with the aliens, the Thriddle/Shantha team would be completed - what does that mean? What do they know about the new world? What would they be going FROM? What is the technology they will expect to share with the Mother Planet - planks, rolls, 'tons, and the great gift of Aubrey? What is the Colonial life-expectancy? Do they plan to move as permanent emigres to Jorune's planet? Do they go for purely intellectual and scientific purposes? Do they expect to return with fame and wealth? To they hope their grandchildren will have a new and wonderful life?
Plank image of Receiving District

It is possible to build a satisfying campaign based on the first generation of Colonials. Or during the Human-Shanthic War.

JORUNE BASHING, which will address system and setting, has also grown and may become another free download for the Jorune Comunity. ORFA: JORUNE - ditto. Possibly combined with BASHING for download. And since I do not feel a "monthly" pressure I hope they will emerge properly, rather than to fit an artificial deadline. If it takes another month, it takes another month. I can produce yet another typo-riddled document, but do anyone really need that? There may be typos regardless, but the content is what matters most to me. The copy-editing may or may not come. Depends on my copy-editors. We shall see. But what we see should be worth the wait. Eh? Ditto for the two final issues of SSC. And if it takes a bit longer, so what?

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Gallery of the covers for SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL. #12, not there yet but in progress.

I'm enjoying the time to breathe. I'm preparing the Channel Joe project, which will include a video introduction to Jorune. The colonial ballot and application is getting more interesting and, by itself, would constitute a full issue of SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL. But I committed more to #12, and will get it all together. Or split it into releases like 12.1 and 12.2, but the whole of 12 will, ultimately, released as a single document.

The colonial material has fleshed out who left Earth, and why. Horrible things happened before and the whole colonial thrust is insurance against horrible things happening again. And there are people who did NOT want anyone to leave Earth, so there is a statement to give that minority opinion.

It is interesting because I have been working on science fiction since long before I was contaminated by Jorune. I have pulled projects that would mean nothing to you, but which will figure into my post-Jorune lifestyle. My writing will turn more toward novels and the ancillary rights involved with new worlds and storylines. There may be room for the completed ANGELS novel from SSC #5, but the Jorune is output is limited. I have my own lost-colony novel, which has had a couple of title in development: FEASTS or THE NINE MILE ISLAND. There is a Barsoom homage that exists whole in my mind, but only about 40% on paper (actually, electronic files) so I need to make peace with that 60% and THE SCARLET CITADEL will be ready for release. I do have a sequel to the SONG OF ORPHANS, called THE SONG OF POWER, and it is floating in the background.

The "Jorune Bashing" article is taking a nice turn with the pressure off. I think that would be 12.2.

ORFA Jorune would be 12.3, but I think I'll just make it a separate release.

It's nice to relax for a minute.

Saturday, July 28, 2018


After the little drama of almost losing the domain and the hosting service, I am happy to report that the Jorunis connected to SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL came through to my Mayday. They did that with an advance subscription to the next few products with RETURN TO JORUNE. The costs for the next year have been met and I can focus.

And early mock-up of the planned
Collected Danstead Traveller
Focus: Cover for COLLECTED DANSTEAD TRAVELLER. Text is together and the book can be released almost as soon as the art is received. PDF to the advance subscribers first, then files for print to DriverThruRPG.

Next: SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL #12. This is a three-part project so the subscribers may get them both as segments and as the final assembled product. Part the first: Application to become a colonist for Jorune, about 130 years in our future. The process, the culture people going to Jorune are fleeing, the expectations for the colonies, and the models by which the colonies will be run. There is also a needed answer to a question that has been ignored - why create colonies on other worlds? And there is another question - was Jorune the only colony? After that we will get to the question of how the colonies will be operated.

Colonization is kind of like time-travel, where we can pick and choose the technologies and social structures to be used. The most popular models involve 22nd Century medical technologies, with information technologies in the 20th and 21st Century levels. Some colonists wanted a more agrarian, rural, and less technological society.

I think the idea of colonies is a backup insurance for the human culture - possibly the civilization. We already know that the life-contract has been almost canceled on this planet. The Extinctions. But life is tenacious and has generated new, more complex, and ultimately technological cultures to carry itself across the face of the homeworld, and will do the same into the space between stars, on nearby planets (very inefficient). All of that will give us new technologies, new economic and political models, for carrying our frail bodies to other stars.

Hopefully to succeed. If we cannot believe in our own success, why would we bother?

Sex is fun, but dreaming of what our children could do can drive us forward.

And to me, the whole Jorune project, the last Century of science fiction, speculative fiction, and the growth of media to explore all possibilities (including those we hate).

So then there is Part 2: Jorune Bashing, based on kitbashing from the old days of car and military models. Look at the model starships from the late 1970s generation of science fiction films. Bits and pieces from twenty model kits come together to create an impossibly cool spaceship. Jorune Bashing will do the same to bring bits from many Role Playing Games together to allow each Sholari to form the exact game she (or he) wants to run. That means each group will get a game that is more like a fine meal, rather than the endless streams of chair drive-thru extruda that is available.

And Part 3, ORFA Jorune, my own personal Jorune Bash that has evolved for more than 25 years. Take it and do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

I will not be doing a RoleMaster version of Jorune... not that Law.

But do what thou wilt - yeah.

So then there is the project to follow... Approaching the finish line. Only one other runner has started the race, but I'm waiting for permission to talk about that.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Mayday and Response

A rough for the cover of SSC #12.
Not the reaal final, but... it's what I do.
I sent out a mayday to the active Jorune subscribers. I have domain name registration and hosting coming up and it just was too much in addition to my flurry of medical events, two surgeries in 60 days, a plumbing emergency (are those ever expected0 and getting spanked for taxes, registration and late fees for my car. And my roommate is going to be leaving, which is another financial hit - but necessary.

Not only was I able to raise the direct Jorune costs coming at the end of the month, but will also be able to reinstate another medical appointment I had needed to cancel.

So... a bit cowed but very grateful. You folks came through when I needed it the most. Thanks.

Meanwhile, working on SSC #12 and beyond. Public details shortly.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Multiple Hells

I just had a week of nightmares related to my computer system. I don't think the MacMini is designed to do as much as I do and the overheating problem may be the cause. I completely reformatted the resident disk as three partitions - MacOS, Ubuntu Studio, and a Swap disk. I'm learning the Ubuntu but the main work still has to be done through MacOS. So, there's that.

SSC #11, Fred Lang Cover
In this nightmare files have vanished - the catalog does not record them - in BOTH operating systems. As a result if have written and three times what it takes to do the next issue of SEGMENT: SHO-CADAUL (#12) and the files has vanished in this nightmare. More than once.

I've been getting it re-re-rewritten and have become a total paranoid about saving and backing up. Slow, but it is progressing.

SSC #10, says 11 but 10
The next SSC has evolved. Why did people come to Jorune? Why did they leave Earth? This has become an issue of participatory votes on the way the 80 sites on Jorune will be structured - socially. the issue will be the winning models, plus warnings from religious leaders on Earth (to go to Jorune is deserting the home God made for man). AND the application to become a colonist. AND the bash to allow a near future sci-fi game to get to the temporally appropriate Jorune. AND the ORFA: JORUNE to get it off my To Do list. #12, like #11, will be a hefty issue.

From SSC #9 Cover
Art by George Barr
I also have a plan for the wrap up of my Jorune. #13 and #14 of SSC have been discussed. COLLECTED DANSTEAD TRAVELLER - cover art will be by an actual artist, not by me, and that has moved into an agreement for the cover. GOMO GUIDE; TAN IRICID, print and pdf. COLLECTED BORKELBY'S FOLLY, now in final edit. And... we're done. And this last three will be print through DRIVETHRURPG.COM.

SSC #8
In the past I offered an "advance" support option, and this month I have to cover the domain and hosting agreement for the hosting service - and that's out of my budget. So, I will offer that again.
SSC #7

Many years ago a group of Jorunis offered support in the form of a $10-for-the-next-three-in-PDF. And they did get the next three. One of those has remained a very staunch supporter. My current project with GOMO GUIDE: THONEPORT, SHOLARI v2n1 and the SEGMENT; SHO-CAUDAL subscription should serve as a track record that I do produce. And there has been progress in quality - and I hope in concept.

I am going to ask $25 as the advance for the PDFs on the five projects shown above. I'll ask for feedback and will set up the link to do that. I'll also offer the previous issues of SSC as a block to people late to the party.

My email addresses will be separated for each level of current subscribers - who ends with 12, who end at 13. The nest issue of SSC will be sent out according to those distinctions. You will be given the opportunity to determine if you want to get the last two issues.

Rough on a cover for my collected
fanzine materail since 1993.
But, right now SSC #12 has focus, The Colonial Ballot, Application for Emigres, Jorune Bash, and ORFA: JORUNE. I promise 12-issues with. minimum of 16 pages per issue, and will. meet the issue promise, and have far exceeded the page promise.

Oh, one last thought: I may gather the SEGEMENT: SHO-CAUDAL into a single volume, re-edited to get the crap that go through, for print. You will, as a subscriber, get the collected PDF. Print - I can't cover the processing onto paper from here. I'm thinking of combining all my zines in that volume - Sholari Magazine, Annals of the Tansoor Historical Society, and Segments: Sho-Cadaul. It would be a thick little volume. But this will require an editor to clean up the mess. My current subscribers will get that collection free as a PDF. The print version will be on

I'm not saying I will never do anything Jorune again. I still love the world. But it is not the only world. I have to refocus my energies into something that goes somewhere after 25 years of trying.

You can't say I haven't tried.
Mock up for Gomo Guide: Sho-Caudal

Monday, June 18, 2018

Back on the horse...

In the past six weeks, I was able to get #11 OUT. I also had two shots in my eye, a surgery on my right let, am waiting on surgery on the left leg (trying to keep them), and two falls ... nothing broke except my pride.

AND I've had more-than-normal problems with my OSX.

Working on the immigration application from the Colonial Authority in the 23rd Century for emigres to Jorune's World, with the full Bash to get Jorune into n existing sci-fi game. And ORFA as part fo the bash.

Do people know "bash"? It comes from the old day of model building and hit a new crest with Star Wars. It is where you "bash" parts from model kits to make a new model - like the Destroyer from the opening scene of A NEW HOPE. My crowd bashed games to get setting and system that suited our particular favorite flavors. After a while, you forget there was anything but the bash, and it makes it difficult to move into other areas.

So I'm doing a different take on the SAK - Sholari Adventure Kits. I provide the bits and you bash them to suit you or your group's preferences. There was a Jorune before Iscin, or the separation of the Colony from Earth and the Colonial Authority.

I want to explore that.

So, SEGMENT SHO-CAUDAL #12 will have that three-point stance - Colonist recruitment - Jorune Bash - ORFA. And it will take a few minutes to put together (as the kids say). I'm not sure when ti will hit the emailboxes, but that is where my effort is.

I've made a few other decisions:

  • #12 will rap the commitment to most subscribers.
  • A few people have me committed to #13, that is going to happen. Contents to be disclosed.
  • #14 will be the SAK for THE CHILDREN OF BOMOVERIS, to put together for my personal favorite campaign from all of my Jorune-life. 
  • I will offer #13 and #14 separately, advance purchase discount*
  • I may do a collection of my fanzine writings on Jorune. *IF* that happens, 2019, will get a free-PDF to SSC subscribes, print - you're on your own. Waiting to see.
  • COLLECTED DANSTEAD TRAVELLER - waiting for a cover, meaning waiting until I can do the cover, but maybe by the end of summer. Over 100 pages, minimal art.
  • COLLECTED BORKELBY'S FOLLY - not sure where I stand with the editor, but hoping it comes out this fall. Over 100 pages, too.
  • GOMO GUIDE: TAN IRICID, A couple of sections to be written or finished. Really, by the end of the year. Think Christmas. 100-page range, maps with some art.
  • All of these will be in a new format. 8.5x8.5 book format.

Anyone interested in a few pieces of art to spice up the production - I do pay in percentage of sales, and when we move back into print from the PDF only, it gets involved.

* Advance purchase. Several times in the past I have done the "Advance" thing for different projecdts, including Jorune. And i have delivered. 12 Issues of SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL, for examplle. People put in some support. Once upon a time I did a "the next three projects" and those people go their money's worth with ANNALS OF THE TAN SOOR HISTORICAL SOCIETY, GOMO GUIDE: THONEPORT (2 versions), and SHOLARI v2n1. I may offer two "Advance" options, but for PDF only. Print is an option but it is material, not the tangibility. Or I may rethink to offer a "Print" option, which will be included for more, but PDF-first. I will decide and post when it is time. We're talking $20 for the next three, maybe $40 for next three print (US, with additional postage to other destinations where applicable - Ii don't like calling it "foreign." I'm too much of a hippy).  Comments are invited.

Friday, June 8, 2018

#11 is real

Not Quite #11
Last time I announced that I was completing #10 before I actually mailed. Mea culpa.

#11 is completed and has bee mailed out. In the emailboxes of my subscribers. Paid Subscriptions and "House Copies" have all gone. The cover is a great piece of art by Fred Lang, dedicated Joruni.

#12 will focus on the promotional drive to get people to leave lovely, science fiction Earth to go to a distant world to live under the primitive conditions of 21st Century Medicine and 20th Century - or earlier - technologies. But you can't get a 200-acre homestead on earth anymore, and the natives have put strict limits on the amount of land available to the immigrants. The United Nations and Colonies Office of Colonial Authority have made the information and applications available for would-be colonists, as residential frontier-person or contract workers to populate research and trading stations. Way retro-formats like to-print documents, but published in all the regular languages.

But more on that later.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Isn't It Ready YET?

Very much like the cover of
but not quite it.
No, it isn't ready yet.

It has gone from the promised 16 pages to 55 pages.

Almost all of it is from 25 years old text documents that did not translate correctly. Rather than a hard return at the end of the paragraph, it is line by line by line for every line from the original email, which then has to be correct line by line by line by line with a space between words, or not. Line buy line by line by line by line by line by line...

More than half of it is the conflict between American-English and UK-English, mixed it with the couple thousand of identified Jorune words from the glossary, plus the individual Jorunish words created for the articles in question.

And the problems with language and spelling are so bad, even I can tell they're wrong! That's a clue.

On that add the damage taken int he right elbow in a fall on June 9th. I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow, but not for the elbow. For the foot from which a big toe was almost deleted to see if it can remain undeleted. Then I have an appointment to see if I get another shot in my left eye and its Macular Edema. And after THAT appointment I will be able to go to my primary doctor to see if there is something we can do with the elbow joint. IF the second surgery on my other leg is not sprung upon me and my schedule and resources. If. That mean there are only THREE scheduled doctors appointment in June. So far.

But I'm dancing as fast as I can.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Fresh Blood

Kind of nice to have some 13-year-old enthusism for the old home world.

A friend's son is getting a little more enthusiastic over Jorune with the faint whiff of a d20 version. He interviewed me on his channel a while back, and we just did it again. Fun and pro-Jorune. Nice combination.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Just a moment...

I woke up today and stood up. Next to my bed and realized I was standing without the third point of support of wedging my calf against the bed so I could stand with a third point of support. I have needed a third point of support for a long time. A cane, a walker, sometimes surfing through the house using counter, chairs, table, washing machine... for support.

But for about a minute I could stand. I think it is a direct result of the surgery to open an artery in my right ankle. I will be having another surgery on the left side in a few weeks. If this is the result, I look forward to the next round.

I don't talk about it much on this blog because it is not the purpose of the blog. In reality, I have challenges that I do not think should be the measure of someone's interest in the projects. But I have to live with it 24/7. I did so a while back and I got an email, answered, and this charming reply.

"Since you have already told me about your health issues on numerous occasions, I am tired of you constantly bringing it up.  I get it -- poor Joe.  As if you're the only one with health issues."

Really? That's what you got from asking and me answering? Since we did emails for a couple fo weeks, the "numerous" is sort of a surprise, but ... So I opted to not discuss it more than a couple of times a year. I know some Jorunis with far worse situations, but ... oh well.

I like the progress. I hope it continues.

Continuing work on #11. Trying to locate one author, not even going to worry about interior art after the really groovy cover, so ... I might get it out to meet my self-imposed "deadline" of early July.