Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Magilla of Jorune

The PDF for ORFA: JORUNE has been sent out to SEGMENT SHO-CAUDAL subscribers. 44 pages, of which about 35 are Jorune specific - only 10 pages of system and character generation. That's all that is needed.

This was played in California, Colorado, North Carolina, and at several conventions around the country. It is intended to allow newcomers to Jorune and/or role-playing to get into the world and play. Experienced players can get a game going, and there are races that can be chosen. And get a game going.

I think getting a game going is - key.

I will be posting fully generated NPCs to view the system and see how you might like a new game. 

It can be found on archive.org by searching "SOJ RPG" and the whole batch of free files will pop up. About 800 pages. 

(Or if you ask me nicely in a private message, or returntojorune@gmail.com - not as a response here.)

That is all.

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