Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Henny Penny ORFA

I've been juggling a LOT. The ORFA: Jorune, originally promised in an early issue of SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL, is up to the Henny Penny Stage.

Who will help me bake the byritt?

I will send you the PDF with the 98% complete text with a character sheet. I ask for feedback. I don't get it, but I'll ask. Pro forma.

Character sheet - back cover - Isho and Langages
Status is:

  • ORFA System, complete. I will take the ORFA from Jorune for rework to a Pulp setting and focus on that for a bit. I have this thing for Earth, July, 1937.
  • Character Generation, complete. Really. I have opened several races for Player Character option. I have also closed some races because I think they create an imbalance of knowledge and power that makes for a crappy gaming experience.
  • Isho (the Special Effect for ORFA: JORUNe0, complete. And I mean COMPLETE.
  • Character Sheet, complete.
  • Racial Descriptions*: Incomplete.
  • Price list: To be added from pervious.
  • Cover**: In process.
  • Programmed PDF: Abandoned.***

* A few paragraphs. Will happen, just a detail for the final release. I think most of you know how to describe a Woffen.
** I have a couple of unpublished Miles Teves roughs that I will use one as the foundation for an ORFA: JORUNE cover. And I'm pretty clear on which one to use. Teves will be treated as "pencils," and I will provide "inks" and color.
*** Programming the fields of the PDF was getting too time-consuming. I decided I will do a version for me to use to pre-generate the characters promised in Sholari v2n1 and other parts of the SSC project, export to a workable .jpg for character sketches from the mythos. For a free project, more than required. I am okay with pulling the plug.

From Super Secret
Jorune Project X. Bwah ha ha.
ORFA: JORUNE will be a Creative Commons free download. I may make a print version available on, but only expect to sell about 20. 20 seems to be the magic number for Jorune projects.

ORFA has two basic ruled: Rule #1, have fun. Rule #2, Sholari Rules. No arguing. Period. The system requires you build a Target Number and a roll of 1d20 (translations are provided). You will know success or failure and from that success the degree of success (such as damage). One Roll Fits All. Simple. Combat becomes deadly fast and can almost happen in real time after a couple of run-throughs. Throwing a dysha is as simple as throwing a knife. All of the goals for a playable Jorune are met.

After the Henny Penny phase, ORFA will be sent to the SSC subscribers. It does not count as the Beyond subscribers list - just fulfillment on an old promise.

SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL still grows, but I'm spinning off pars into separate releases. Like the ORFA: JORUNE. I also have "Jorune Bashing," which may be folded into the final SSC #13 release.

I am also focusing on video. An Introduction To Jorune which includes the video from the Alien Logic game (with my voice, possible re-recorded with new music) and details on the editions, covers, intro to the world, and races that goes up on YouTube is the goal. No date set.

I will leave the offer for advance subscriptions to my next five commercial products, none of which have been named on this page. Support just allows me to buy groceries and wrap up my Jorune. If you want to sponsor the arts you can go to a PayPal donation page for the next 3, the next five, or a donation of your own choosing. I think I produce enough to make it worth your investment. The page is here.

Several of the subscribers have said nice things to me, and I appreciate the feedback. People who white at me, that I didn't do what they had in their head what they wanted me to do but never said so - pfffffft. (Tthe sound of a raspberry.) People who name something that needs correcting, or help me make corrections (including spellings, even of Joruni words), are gold. I really do appreciate them. The people who said the nice things are jewels to be appreciated and set in the gold filigree. To put in the memorial for Saress.

That's right, I killed her. Assassinated in the Allonkarb family squabble. The dharsage took damage, too. Nyah.

This week I gave up ownership of the domain name. The new owner will release such information as he sees fit on his schedule. I'm remaining available to help where I can. But, another door walked through.

I really do feel that with I take the sign out of the window and turn off the lights, I will have done it right.

There is a fnord in this posting.

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  1. Good news for ORFA, I'll send you an email to grab a copy.
    Thank you again !