Thursday, December 28, 2017

Regifts for the Holiday

A young Joruni from Idaho showed up to fill the vacuum from the other editors I don't have. He's young. He doesn't know any better. But as a result, SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL #6 is out. Again. Without the debilitating sadness that is Joe's Brain, in all its buttery goodness. The horrendous error, that hideous truth, has been removed so some day in the distant future people will not know it was even there. Back to 16 pages, but i don't feel bad about it. It's my commitment.

I went to siphon material out from the doubtful SHOLARI v2n2 and put the nuggets into SSC at the measured flow. A steady Jorune drip. Go ahead, you can call me that - I won't get offended.

INTRODUCTION TO WARP MECHANICS - A revision from the article that originally appeared in ANNALS OF THE TAN SOOR HISTORICAL SOCIETY.

BLENDED JORUNE - and idea to bring your near future sci-fi team to Jorune as it exists close-to-now- with an option to move them forward in time to enjoy the Jorune we know. After if breaks their brains. We are assuming most of your players only know Jorune as a cool game they bought, oooh'd and aahhhh'd over the art, and never played. Your group, your system, you need to spend some time working a way of Isho into the game, but ... not much of a problem since Human's can't play with isho.

THE MES DIG, a location from the planned RED GATE from v2n2, but available for your own adventures in Sydra. Including over 60 items that you might want to use to pay, bribe, or have the horror of watching them steal them. A good deal of information on Keeper Rods, too. Why they don't make them much these days, what to find in them, and some Earth-tec or Trade goods, too. More of THE RED GATE will be extracted for future SSC.

YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN WESTERN DRAIL - Something is up and the people who would know about don't come back to tell us what's going on aren't coming back to tell us what's going. We don't know what' going on, but we thought a warning would be a good idea. Trarch can get ugly. And angry, too. Ow.

There will also be a new freebie on the website - the Blended Jorune article, plus some information on the whole Return to Jorune Line with links to over 800 pages of free downloads. Give me a day or so.

A recent letter called my charging for Jorune material "Offensive." Really. Oh, I am wracked with grief. Seriously. There could be tears.

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