Sunday, December 31, 2017

Blended Jorune

I think I'm going to build on the idea of Blended Jorune from SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL #6.

It would be a simple way to bring a team of players to Jorune for some world discovery. If you think the only purpose of gaming is to go through labyrinths to find treasure, you can do that on Jorune, too. I probably won't be publishing much on that. You could do it, though.

Advanced Isho, as I have seen it, Including Mashal on the left, under Gobey/Desti.

The biggest issue is the use of Isho in other game systems. Isho is not magic, but a system with an existing magic system could be tweaked for replacing cantrips, chants, readings, and potions with "weaving" to create the dyshas. Dyshas are not spells and have very specific, even limited, effect.
Just a random piece of art I found on the
web. Don't know who. Isho naull?

But it could be done.

I had such a horrible experience doing conversions for release as a free web document, that I am loathe to step back into. But I think I could take the existing conversions and extract their Isho systems, plus my own notes.

As a side note, GOMO GUIDE; TAN IRICID, may be getting a new boost from someone who is at least willing to edit/proof the issue. That would be nice.

One or two other projects may get out of the box. but I'll deal with those later.

Isho systems seem to be the demand of the moment.

Oh, SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL will have a couple of other bits intended for RED GATE with SHOLARI v2n2. If that magazine is to come out, I will have to debate reworking the clips I've published in SSC for representation, but so few people see the newsletter, it might be doable. it requires that I do the wrong thing - art. My art. Not happy about my art, but... I seem to be available to do it. :(

I cruise the web to find inspiration, and I like this mapping technique.
Will steal it, I'm sure. And it will most likely be Jorune.
I'm having a series of projects and I need to pick one that will produce an income - a trickle at least. My freelance jobs have dried up - my favorite client has had to close down his business, and another who paid me up front has yet to say what he wants me to do with his logo and website. But I'm continuing to search. If you don't look, you are unlikely to find.

I am also looking at some non-Jorune projects. There is my own Lost Colony setting, started as a novel several years before Jorune, but adapts well to the whole mythos of the forgotten settlement.

KOHLNE is a corruption of "Colony" with multiple races against established aleins, but also a fight between factions of the human population, driving a purity-bent against those who have been genetically modified to better suit the world in various environments. It is the most Jorune-like, but I have a far future narrative on the resurrection of a human culture under the benign guidance of two entities who pronounce themselves to not be gods, lest the be confusion. There are three books for that, with the working title MORE THAN THIS. Maybe some novellas to follow on character through adolescence, late teens, and full adulthood, exploring the options of the church culture, with an eye to how people behave in the here and now.

As much as I love Jorune, it is the here and now where I live and things must associate with the here and now to be worth my time. Even Isho.

But from the here and now - Forward into 3517. That is the current year in Burdoth, but there are other calendars. 2018 here. 1439 dating from the Haj, 5210 Kali Yuga, 5779 Hebrew, 4713 (or 4653) Cock Chinese (until February 2, when it becomes Dog), 174 Baha'i, 2561 Buddhist, 1734 Coptic, 3183 Discordian, 1938 Shaka Samvat Indian (I like living in 1938 again), 2144 Tibetan, 4350 Korean...  and so on. The sun comes up, the sun goes down - we make up the rest of that shit.

But My take is different. Have a Happy NOW! It's where you live.

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