Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Sharden, per Teves map from 2nd Edition.
And then gussied up a bit.
I've wanted to do a piece on Sharden for a long time, and it just sort of blew up on me while I was working on the Lexicon project. So SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL #8 will have a memoir from a Tologra who has is coming to the end of a two-cycle tour of the planet before returning home.

I want Sharden and the Tologra to be something more than just another fantasy race, so I brought some of my ethnographic interest to play to paint a picture of the people as they saw themselves, their relationship to Shantha, Ramian, Salu, and Blount, and their reaction to Bronth missionaries almost thirty years ago, when they spread out to bring the Iscin races together to share their common history of Iscin.

It is not quite a religion – the Tologra knew their own history but had lost contact with the other Iscin races. They do not worship Iscin - they revere him for his work to make their races exist. The had their own version of captivity under the Crugar, and then under the Bronth before three Tologra escape to Sharden. Tologra had been "lost" since the Great Wanderings, so we learn how they came to Sharden, and what happened when the Bronth arrived to bring them "into the family" of Iscin's Children.

It is what I look for with new Jorune pieces - entertaining and revelatory. Even to me.

Satisfying to work on, and I got to do one of my favorite things. A map. Love me some maps.

SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL #8, coming soon to an email near you. If you subscribed. Or bought a block.


It is comforting to see a clear line of future issues mapping out before me. I should be able to meet my at-least-one-a-month schedule by quite a bit, even with my Joe-isms and reduced typing ability. Slowing down might work. I'm willing to try it.

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