Friday, January 5, 2018

Blendings and almost 5% increase.

Well, we went from 18 to 19 subscribers. Right direction. Actually, it is more than 5% increase, but I'm not good at math either. Typos and bad math. But is always nice to see an uptick

The Blended Jorune idea that came up while writing the Keeper Rod section of SSC #5 is going to get some tweaking for an Isho schema for various gaming systems. Rather than get into the swamp that is licensing we shall do different systems who-dare-not-speak-their-names. An Isho conceptual model for the different dice, and non-die choices. I think it does offer a campaign idea to take people from where they are to the Black Hall of Tan Iricid's Mountain Crown in one easy sleep. 

No trademarked names, but the clever reader might be able to do something with Isho in another mechanic. 

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