Friday, June 7, 2019

13 and ORFA

ORFA: Jorune and OFRA: Pulp
should be out shortly.
More than a week since my last. Drama on the hoof, but Jorune again provides a nice escape from the reality of this world.

SSC #13 just keeps growing. I seriously have to take a beager bat to the new things that come up or channel them over to another world where I can have a shot at some serious money from them.

I have about 20 subscribers whose subscriptions are coming to an end.

I have about a dozen who have bought "the next... 3, or 5" projects. They will get it. I think I will end the Advance Subscription offer at the end of this month. Next three, or next five whatever they are. They'll be more expensive on DriveThruRPG, but the advance money is nice. Supports me while I'm in the spew-Jorune mode.

But most recently the final version of ORFA was completed, and I am working on the ORFA: JORUNE and JORUNE BASHING, which I consider to be part of the SSC project.

Then ... the more.

JORUNIGRAPHICA will take me about two days of serious sit down to complete, and another day or so to lay out. Part of the SSC, too.

Beyond that, I have the COLLECTED volumes and GOMO GUIDE: TAN IRID.

I hope to have all this out by the end of the year. It will be released as it is done. No real schedule. Depends on how much time I need to get away from this planet

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