Thursday, May 30, 2019


I'm working on SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL, the JORUNIGRAPHICA, and beyond (of course).

I am happy to report I have come to a point of peace with Jorune. I will continue to give energy to that world in appreciation of what it's given me, but the pressure seems to be off.

I'm very gratified with the response to the "Advance" subscriptions to the next few projects. And I have coded this little army as "Full," which means they will get whatever Jorune I come up with. The PDFs at least. I'm not yet to the point where I can afford to print and mail hard copies, but I believe it is the material they are receiving. Not the artifacts.

I will end the Advance link shortly, to keep from getting later pressure, and I will do the bundle of the completed Segment: Sho-Caudal

So the list Jorunalia may grow. But I'm not committed to any of it beyond the fact that I will continue producing. (I do like making up words that carry the meaning I intend. I was doing that long before Jorune.)

And the latest thing for me to produce is a video to invite people into Jorune. I'll post it to YouTube, but it will feature the history of the game, the editions and supplements, the fanzines, the computer game, and whatever else seems appropriate. I'll use the introductory video from ALIEN LOGIC (until I'm told to cease and desist), which has my voice, and expand into a survey of the materials, the world, the races, etc.

The idea is to have a video where a wanna-be Sholari can point his/her players for a common agreement of the world and the beginning of the game.

But I'm more relaxed with it. I am getting my novel CLIMBING THE SPIRAL MOUNTAIN gussied up for its cotillion presentation to the world with some promotional efforts. You might like it if you walk around on this planet and want to see inside someone else's journey. And the fantasy novel SONG OF ORPHANS will follow, a different world with some low-level magics, reflecting my interests long before Jorune came into my life.

And there is a good chance that - good lord willing and the creek don't rise - I will finish THE ANGEL OF DRAIL. I know the story, I just have to take the time to spread the gossip from the little knothole of a view I have into that world and those people. I deal with a lot of Thivin and Trarch, who have always fascinated me.

There is so much more to Jorune than just Tauther being shanghaied to do favors to scuzzy nobles from Burdoth.

But the peace of working is nice. I like sharing nice.

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