Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dream Commands

I have dreams that sometimes order me about. The whole Return to Jorune thing was one of those, as was the Gomo Guide reboot.

But this was a different dream. Doing a new blog in the character of Kinder Brinden, a publisher of trashy pulp magazines out of Allidoth - the despised "Yule Dreadfuls", like Slam Desti, Boy Yord. He hired Mord Jalanor to write trashy stories of Jorune adventures, but Mord sobered up and became a private Yord (Allidoth Confidential) and highly honored querrid (The Scars of Far Temauntro).

Kinder had set up shop in Allidoth to publish his trashy little best-selling booklets on the cheapest paper possible using the technologies of ceramic plates, and rather than ship printed books around the planet, he prints his run, ships the plates onto a circuit around the plant - York in Heridoth, then around to Ros Crendor, through Dah ah-dey to Kirlan, over to Auklin, then down to Thantier and down to Ponteer. Each stop publishes locally based on the same plates, and with a couple of quick blossoms of delivery as far as Jasp and Sallay, the human and muadra circuit gets completed. there is a fresh run of new stories - although other markets may have gotten them earlier (always new to someone who hasn't seen them before).

Kinder started a new line of Woffen adventure magzines, which have shown him there is an audience with the Boccord and Bronth communities of young readers. Crugar just don't seem to have the interest in reading, probably because of poor eyesite. Maybe Kinder will set up touring companies to put on plays for the younger kits and red blooded adults.

He makes a few bits on each issues of each title in each edition and from those bits built a nice villa on the slopes overlooking Draeeli in Ponteer, where he runs a profitable 'information service' on the side (and under the table). One Thriddle called Draeeil the "Lisbon of Jorune", but no body knows what that means. Ponteer is where the trade of the western world funnel, and where there's trade, there is intrigue.

So - maybe I should do some columns by Kinder?

Any comments?

We don't have any pictures of Kinder, but here is a picture of the Scars of Far Temauntro; a rare double rise skyrealm pit, with a floating islet connected to the rim of the crate by a rope bridge, to be tended by Dark Shantha as a memorial to the greatest Shantha in the planet's history - Sho Eelshon Desti - THE DESTI. Read all about it in the forthcoming relaunch of SHOLARI MAGAZINE, Volume 2, Issue 1. (Picture was painted by a thriddle on a shipstone in cooperation with the Dark Shantha guardians. (Click for detail) -- I'd tell you more, then then I've have to charge you. 

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