Friday, June 30, 2017

The Meter of Jorune

A Thriddle from Scars of Temauntro
The question of Feet V. Meters came up about Jorune. English measure vs. Metric measure.

Since Meter is related to the size of the planet (or has that been proven wrong?) and when it comes to Jorune, who's damn feet are we talking about.

3-foot yard comes to make sense ... I have a 6 foot wingspan. Arms akimbo, my fingertips are 6 feet apart, nose to fingertip 3 feet, or close enough for jazz. I've used it to measure rooms in vacant houses, measure string, etc. But Some people aberly have 5 feet. I have friends with a 7 foot wing span. It is very individual.

So I'm thinking of running some number for mesurement on Earth, vs. measurement on Jorune.

You could feel comfortable but it would be impreciss.

And Thriddle love precision.

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