Monday, June 26, 2017

My favorite chracter by Robert Smith from
favorite illustration he did. I just like her. 
Plinka Plinka Plinka.

I'm waiting for word back from DriveThru to see if my book SONG OF ORPHANS can be made public. I keep going back and forth about PDF formats and such. Again. Seems like every time I try to get files to the public, there is something wrong.

Oh well.

SHOLARI Magazine, Volume 2 Number 1, is waiting for a few pieces of art and then it can run into problems with DriveThru and the PDF dance.

And now the GOMO GUIDE: TAN IRICID is chugging along, based on comments and requests through the Facebook page and the Yahoo group.

But really - as many people as are signed up on both of those, only bout two dozen people post. Whis can ge disheartening.  But... that's what goes on.

When SONG OF ORPHANS and SHOLARI come out, it is my intent to use the dread "promotion" tool to push them. Just to see if ti does something for sales.

And I'm converting all of my Jorune notes into Scrivener. it is a really powerful program, but I'm only using the word processing functions. And the Corkboard. And the outliner. So far. I have to learn how to use the full majesty of the damn thing. But for organization it is great. I can get all my notes, drafts, maps, graphics, and manuscripts into one system, and then do ONE set of style sheets (called "Pre-set Formatting" because - why? But that style is reflected through all of the documents in the "Binder" because - why? It's just a nice word that describes where you could put a lot of different folders with a bunch of different files of different types.

But, it is progress.

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