Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I am pounding away on several projects. that's how I do it. Juggle Juggle Juggle, four things get finished almost at once.

ORFA: JORUNE, minimalist game play system. That is to say in action it flies. It takes a few minutes to build your character and grok your modifiers caused by race or environment or occupation. But when you get your Target number, roll 1d20. If you succeed, your Quality of Success is the difference between Roll and Target and determines modifications on the effect of that attempt - Damage, Quantity, whatever - related to your actual situation. It flies. Combat is damn near real time. You can keep pounding on them until they die, but so can they (whoever they is).

The goal is to finish ORFA: JORUNE at the same time as SHOLARI v2n1. The characters from SCAR OF FAR TEMAUNTRO will be presented as ORFA NPCs to be used, or not, in running a game in the setting or to pull into other games you may run.

Each Jorune SAK (Sholari Adventure Kit) will have ORFA: JORUNE characters for the NPCs so you can build up a nice repertorie company for later play or use in other games. (GOMO GUIDES, not so much.)

ORFA will be a freebie. Automatic download with a PDF of the product. ORFA JORUNE is the first appearance. But I also plan on a pulp/tubepunk game in ORFA terms, and a science fiction setting.

ORFA is simple. First you Generate Your chracter. That is where the book, chart and thought work are. It takes a minute, as the kids say (what kids and why are they always talking?)

Then, when you want to take an action that will require dice (not everything requires dice*), it is:

Target Number = Stat + Named Skills + Assuemed Skills + Modifiers = Target Number
State the EXACT Thing You Are Rolling to Accomplish
Roll your 1d20 die.
If you succeed (role under your Target Number) calculate Quality of Success, which gives you the effect of that role - such as damage, or how many rubies you find in a sack of rice.

Next Action - GO. C'mon. I came here to kill things, not read charts.

Combat almost runs at real time. and that's when you want speed. 

I've been running it with my own games going back more than twenty years under various names. "Oracle" "j20" (Guess what the "j" stood for). ONE ROLL FITS ALL just seemed appropriate and hasn't changed for almost 20 years. Five Stats, and the 5th Stat is setting specific. For Jorune it is "Isho". For the pulp game it will be "Weird". 

But it is chugging along nicely.

* You don't always have to roll. If you are putting vinegar on your fish, you shouldn't have to roll to see if you succeed. If you are trying to grab a can of soda of a table, you shouldn't have to roll. If you are trying to jump from one building to another, four stories up while people are chasing you - THEN you should have to roll.

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