Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Less Damage

Seal of the Angel Jolanta
Well, I did a theme change to the blog and it blocked getting to themes to change it back. But I'm learning how to bypass the design page for direct access to the account. That gives me the ability to repair damage my constant experimentation may cause the blog.

Sidethought: Is there a way to do a "Special" message with the Yahoo Group or the FaceBook page to pop up on the - literally - hundreds of people who are signed up but who apparently are not reading the posts over the past year or so?

I know I have just a few people signed up to this page, but it would appear to be people with more interest expressed through their action of reading the page.

I'm selfish and want more people to get back to Jorune.

Maybe I should rent a hall in a low crime neighborhood in Allidoth. Is there a low crime neighborhood in Allidoth. It really has gone downhill in the past twenty five years.

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