Wednesday, June 28, 2017


What the Somar Found
When I was young I thought I would be a comic book artist. Over time I found that I could not draw the same face over and over, and it was not where my passion took me.

So over the years I play with drawing but have worked along "artists" and am in awe of them. On of the most satisfying art related chapters was Voyage of the Aylon Star many years ago, where I drew all of the NPCs and scenes, turned them over to George Barr and got to see what a real artist did with my preliminary art. A real artist taking my ideas.

And I am back and a point that I have visited before where I am doing art to cover the lack of artists for Jorune. So I take the descriptions. There was an "ebba cycle" from The Somar, (Sholari Magazine, Volume 1, Number 2). There was no picture of that device in that issue, but there will be when The Somar is reprinted in Sholari Magzine, Volume 2, Number 1.

I was able to do a blue pencil sketch, ink it with black, like a comic book page, and got my preliminary graphic. I think I will have to draw it again so I don't throw up from this first version winding up in the magazine.

I'm also redrawing the map of Gralis, and will do a map to the landslide site, and a floor plan to what they find.

But I really wish I had some real artists to take my art specs, or my preliminary sketches, and turn them into the 'art' Jorune deserves.


Yeah. I think I'd draw this again. I'm a writer, not a comic book artist. I'm also a reporter, a stained glass artist, a singer and (was) a guitar player. I've sold oil paintings and been an on-air DJ and comedy weirdo. But not a comic book artist.

I am still in awe of real artists.

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