Sunday, May 28, 2017

Getting the Team Back Together

Dadin Dado Returns in Sv2n1
I have been to hell and back with Macintosh OSX/Font/Bluetooth issues and they may be resolved. May. Maybe. Could be. I hope.

But the cover artist for Sholari Volume 2 Number 1 just delivered his latest 'draft' of the 3D construction which will be a jaw dropper. But he is doing MORE work on it, and the final version will be painted in Photoshop based on a 3d scene that is VERY Jorune, AND it is a great illustration of the story Scars of Far Temauntro in that issue. Wrap around, full color cover ... will set a nice standard for future covers to match, or exceed.

The idea of having a crew to work with is still new to me. Instead of alone alone alone, I have:

  • Three editors who actually edit. What a concept:
  • A proofing editor who is wonderfully anal in his demands for detail.
  • A "First Eyes" volunteer who will examine things fresh, not someone who has been seeing it through process for week or months (or years) and can spot the error before they are released
  • An artist who never knew Jorune but showed up and did a creditable job
  • An artist who has been with Sholari before and has matured and shown more skill (that would be the afore mentioned 3d modeller painter)
  • An artist who has been with Sholari before but become a professional in comics and illustration, who I hope will accept a project that is just a-bornin'
  • An artist who has a style that at first looks "fannish" but you can then see it is a style, very unlike other Jorune illustrations which will work for an upcoming article
Two other artists who have expressed interest - but it is only the follow thru that will matter. Maybe they will join the team. A team to venture into new Jorune material and bring back the old with corrected, updated and expanded presence.

There is a crew of people from Jorune's past surfacing and I am really looking forward to their contribtuions, including the oft-lamented Heridothians of the UK, the Sholari James and editors of Borkelby's Folly and Danstead Traveller.

And the whole project moving up to become a more fluid, living thing. A living fluid ... kind of like isho. I like a living fluid that can fill to any shape container and remain itself.

Can I handle it?

Twist my damn arm. Let's find out.

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