Thursday, May 18, 2017

Meanwhile back on Earth

Ganeshaji, Remover of Obstacles
I've had another chapter in the worst computer misadventure I've had since I bought my first Macintosh in 1985.

By use of deductive reasoning, the tech who has been on the phone for me for about four of the last twenty-four hours, and the work I've done off line and off phone for about 16 of the last 24 hours, may have brought about a revival of deductive reasoning to do Sherlock Holmes proud.

We had the same problem, i.e. repeated and uncontrolled reboots without actually loading the operating system or the programs. Booting over and over and over during the booting process.

Computers are stupid and obedient. They do what they are told. They cannot say whether or not they are capable of doing what you've ask. And what you ask may not be you, but a program, or a bolt of lightning in 2015. A mung in a file was created sometime around that period. That mung is in an invisible file (i.e., a file with a name that looks something like ".filename.bluetooth.startup" -something and which short circuit the boot process.

Which file - we may never know.

What I have to do is NOT copy invisible munged files to the newly formatted hard disk in the new computer (Mac Mini) nor into the new operating system (OS X 10.12.4). I must transfer single files. I can do them in groups but no "Select All" and drag copy. Individual files, clicked on directly, drag copied from the old folder to the a new folder on the disk of the new computer.

So for one of the immediate files, Sholari Volume 2 Number 1, the process will be:

Select all of the most recent article files, graphics, fonts, and primary documents (InDesign layout file, for example) into a fresh folder at the receiving disk.

Or, to be precise: Create a new folder on the freshly formatted disk, then lick "Why Jorune?" click "A World of One's Own" click "Scar of Far Temauntro" click "The Somar" click Albertu MT Font click Sv1n1 layout (InDesign) click individual graphics files for the whole issue including the cover in Photoshop click Cooper font for the cover click notes for the issue click Palatino font for the interior click click "Return 2 Jorune" blocks for the magazine series click layout graphics (like the cool Miles Teves header footer squiggles) click graphics from previous Jorune publications to drop in where appropriate and drag all of those into the new folder on the revirgined main disk on the MacMini.

Then repeat that process for the Collected Danstead Traveller.
Then repeat that process for the Collected Borkelby's Folly.
Then repeat that process for the standalone Angel of Drail and the Gift of Kie
Then repeat that process for the Collected Sholari James
Then repeat that process for my novel Song of Orphans so it can be up on DriveThruRPG before the end of the month which is not a part of Jorune but part of my Earth life
Then repeat that process for the Do It Yourself Radio drama book, which is not related to Jorune but is part of my Earth life
Then repeat that process for the Horror in Classic Radio Drama syllabus/presentation for the Horror Writers in the Rockies retreat in July, which is not part of Jorune but part of my Earth life.
And the project for snappy sayings in 12-Step Recovery, ditto Earth life.
And the 'Mazing Adventures comic book, ditto Earth life.
And Sholari v2n2 (Red Gate, Blue Gate, Black Gate, Name of the Planet, and more)
And Sholari v2n3 (Pits of Auklin, and more)
And standalone Day War or the Head Game
And the novel What I Want To Be When I Grow Up, ditto Earth life
And the novella Saturn Ate His Young, ditto earth Life
And the novella Villain, ditto Earth Life
And the Children of Bomoveris Campaign Book
And the novella Song of Power, ditto Earth life.

And people wonder why I prefer Jorune.

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