Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dominic Green's "Jack Ho Tried" from Sholari v1n2
During excavations during "spring cleaning, I came upon a real find.

A character sheet for a culture. 

Not mine. Not a character, really. But it was the "character" sheet for a city, and the culture of that city, in Heridoth. I may scan the front page to share. In the late 1980s and early 1990s there was a PBM game (I think it was not postage stamps, but actually Play By MAIL) where each player became a city in the confederation of city-states in what we call Heridoth. It was background for the City of York in Sholari #3.

And an ongoing wonder for me. What a great, original way to explore Jorune. Play a CITY, and each city had its own culture.

There are several articles I would like to publish in future issues of Sholari Magazine. And the Heridothians of Cambridge were as unique a way to play Jorune as I ever hope to find. InterYord, fashions, histories, notable characters like Jack Ho Tried, and a whole different flavor of a unique culture on a unique world, Jorune. 

I don't remember Skyrealms actually figuring in.

This is the list of Heridothians from 1994 and the cities they played. 23 years ago, for the non-math inclined.
  • Koistra - Owen Smith
  • Sholis - Jonathan Roach (circus) then Alan Glover (Church of True Isho)
  • Ellemin - Paul Roberts
  • Dowsen - Howard Chalkley
  • York - Bob Dowling
  • Simbi - NPC under Mike Tittensor (Sage Robert) then Dominic (Pan Tahsia) then briefly John Sloan (Sage Robin) as a Dobren puppet
  • Meard - Dominic Green
  • Vamdrey - NPC under Mike Tittensor (Gull Priests) then Dominic (Pan Tahsia)
  • Korrid - Jim Chapman (God King Angar) briefly invaded by Pan Tahsia
  • Holy Terran Empire - NPC under Mike Tittensor
  • Cemaes Tribe - Nick Hornigold
Owen was my primary contact. I have about four email addresses for him, all dead. He was in Cambridge, can't locate him through the alumni services. Yet. I have looked for an been unable to find any of them. And I would kill to find them. (You give me your list, I'll give you mine...)

Seriously - if anyone has a way to reach these guys, I think it would bar the benefit of all Jorunis to see what they had to offer. Unique UK flavor, like Dr. Who. But not.

You see, I have had this folder of Heridoth material and I refuse to publish without the author's (or artist's) permission. Funny, that. Gets in the way of sharing. And that might be a whole stand alone Best of the Heridothians collection. Or a series of articles in Sholari. As god intended.

Dominick Green also gave us this rooftop view of Meard. Click on it. I dare you.

Stop Croid Slavery Now.

If you dig through the files available on skyrealmsofjorune.com or search for "SOJ RPG" on archive.org, you will find copies of the Danstead Guide to York. A PDF you should have.

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