Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Up and Down

I try to look at things that way, and go for the Up first.

Up. Spent about two hours with Andrew in a chat yesterday. Getting started on getting caught up, filled him in on all the news around Return to Jorune, which seemed to please him. And it was just a nice catch up session. These days he has a lot going on and reaches out often enough to stay in the loop,  and prevent Sholari Joe from feel left out in the cold.


Down. Paul Pinkosh, the new editor for Sholari Magazine, found an error in Gomo Guide: Thoneport. And I had that dramatic "What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I even do things in the public eye?" stuff. But that only went on for about half and hour, then it was solution. I can fix the PDF immediately and anyone who bought the PDF will get the upgrade immediately. People who bought the book already will have a corrective PDF emailed to them, if they write me to ask for it. And I can update the files with DriveThruRPG.com, so that anyone buying it in the future gets the corrected version.

But, Up. We're talking the legendary master of the typo, Sholari Joe. And this is "an" error.

Progress. Seriously.

The chaos of the corrupted system which carried into being unable to restore files from the backup system. But - UP. I have become so paranoid about losing files due to lightning strikes and hardware failures (particularly hard disks) that I have threads to find almost everything I've done in the past couple of years. Almost.

From Radio Heyoka Drama Workshop, 1978.
I have found some projects that are just GONE. I had been digitizing some of my old radio shows (I did a LOT of radio, particularly radio drama in the 1972-1991 period. Most of those never made it to digitized MP3 format. But some did. Recent archeological finds include cassettes of some of the old KPFK, American Radio Theater, Invisible Radio Theater, Midwest Radio Theater Workshop, and stray independent things from other people, mostly through Sue Zizza's RadioWorks project. I found about 60 tapes and was in the process of digitizing (and listening while digitizing) when sewage struck the air circulation device.

UP - some of the things that were lost had already been digitized, tho not as well, and were up on archive.com. All four hours of Chapel Perilous (my personal favorite of all my radio work production). Some, but not all, of Bertha And... (often spoken as Bertha And Dot Dot Dot), a parody of radio soap operas.

The stuff found on cassettes include productions with my late partners Gregg A. Roebuck and David L. Krebs. Bill Berkuta, our benefactor and engineer, is still around, and some of the actors are friends on Facebook. It will be nice to get them digitized and up onto archive.org so people can find them. Should they ever look. Every once in a while, I do get an email from someone who just discovered a show...

I'm also doing the script for a presentation at the upcoming Ghost Town Writer Retreat for horror writers, held in a real ghost town of Colorado. I have an even longer obsession with radio drama than I do with Jorune. It's a shame the two cannot be combined at this late day. I would LOVE that. But I will not be able to attend and present that personally, so my old chum Mike Hance will be at the mike to introduce a new generation of writers to the possibilities of Radio Drama.

There is a direct correlation of radio drama and role playing games. They are two of the three "Hot" media. The third is reading. (How's that for three Rs?) They require the participation of an audience to be complete - you decide what they look like, what the movement was like, the casting, the costuming, the choreography of the fights... all in the privacy of your own brain. And no one else can do it as perfectly as it sits in your brain.

I love me some "Hot" media.

Up. Up. And Up.

Part of my communications with Andrew, and with Paul, has been to pull the threads together to reveal a pattern in the wampum. Just a bunch of beads formed over 25 years, but when you get them all together they show revelations and fun related to human fanatacisim (and the Thoneport project was up an running long before the current political song and dance, so do even go there), secrets of the Lamorri invasion a thousand years before humans arrived (Sholari Magazine v2n1, and more in Angel of Drail - which reveals more about humans and Isho, combined), secrets of the Earth Colonies and how it effects people on Jorune to this day - and next week, too (Thoneport and the big campaign of Children of Bomoveris). There are revelations on problems of Warp Mechanics (Sholari v2n2).

I've had 25 years of crafting the beads and hope to get all of the wampum out by mid-2018. Up?

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