Sunday, May 28, 2017

Fluid, or Unstable

Very hard to tell the difference between 'fluid' and 'unstable'. I think we are being fluid. Malleable. Flexible.

But we might just be nuts.

Within the structure of Jorune I have always had the argument between resource and adventures. To allow for that, each issue of Sholari Magazine will have five areas:
  • Resource - details on a subject, usually a geographic area
  • Adventures - Sholari Adventure Kits (SAK) for taking a crew through some Jorune setting
  • Ten Questions - A Jorune personality asked about topic Jorune
  • Opinion: Sholari - About the world, the game, the playing of the game, or a related topic form the outside world.
  • Reprint - Representation of an old item from either Sholari magazine (Volume 1) or the Annals of the Tansoor Historical Society. Edited, expanded, corrected -whatever would be appropriate. Hopefully related to the content of that issue.

For example, in issue one, Scars for Far Temauntro is both Resource (Temauntro, Shanthas, Lamorri) and Adventure (or elements any good sholari can pluck to add to their own games). And the presentation is an experiment with Fiction as Adventure and Resource. Ten Questions will be me - Why Journe? The new editor wanted to ask some questions, I did and now we've asked Andrew Leker to answer ten more for the second issue. The Opinion will be A World of Your Own, about taking a game world and setting it up just for your games. Freedom to create. To leave out what you don't like, put in things no other game you have. The Reprint will be The Somar, from the second issue of Sholari, about 20 years ago, but expanded, edited and made proper for new readers.

We have the usual "waiting for art" thing that will continue to plague Jorune. Oh well. It's not like we can run down to the Walmart to get some frozen art pieces for Jorune. Custom. Time consuming and needs the brain with a hand to create the drawings and paintings to come.

Issue two is set up and about 90% written. Issue three is started. Issue four is outlined but still flexible. Fluid.

But wait, there's more.

On the Yahoo list the question of additional Gomo Guides came up, and Gomo Guide: Tan Iricid seems to be a shared thought. It would be easy to do. There are a lot of previously published Thriddle bits that could be put into the guide, a bit of art, we can do the map and detail locations, plant a few seeds for creating new Tan Iricidi ideas...

Sure, why not. Gomo Guide: Tan Iricid is in the shed and we've started hammering on it.

But, so what. That's not exciting.

Trying to coordinate things has led to this idea.

Ponteer, the Portugal of Jorune; Trade and Intgrigue
Resource. Gomo Guides. But Gomo Guide: Tan Iricid is response to request, but after that we will make the Gomo Guide be related to an adventure.

Adventures. SAK. Sholari Adventure Kit. Independently and inside Sholari Magazine.

For example, Gomo Guide; Ponteer will be related to SAK: The Angel of Drail, a stand alone adventure with some depth and secrets behind Jorune. (Do you know how many years I've been trying to get the Angel of Drail and information on Ponteer OUT? There was just never time and things were on fire. and that pesky 'life or death' stuff kept coming up. You know how that is.)

But if you want resource, just get Gomo Guide: Ponteer. SAK: Angel of Drail will be a connected product with adventure related to Ponteer and the northern part of Drail. You can get just the adventure.

But if you want both buy the hard copy of Angel of Drail and you get a free PDF of the Gomo Guide: Ponteer. And you would still have the option of the printed copy of Gomo Guide: Ponteer. Get one. Get the other. Get both, but an option for the GM to get the hard copy WITH the Resource appropriate to that adventure.

Then Gomo Guide: Sydra, with the adventure Red Gate from Sholari v2n2.

Gomo Guide: Auklin, with Pits of Auklin, Sholari v2n3.

When I started doing the supplements for Chessex, the plan was always one inside Burdoth, one outside Burdoth. Voyage of the Aylon Star (Jasp, outside Burdoth), then Atlas Sobayid (inside Burdoth), and Gire fo Sillipus (outside Burdoth). The next one was to be Atlas: Lusail with Sydra (inside Burdoth). And so on. But that didn't happen. Poo.

Does all of this sound like iot would be of any interest, or a good way to present both the world in more detail, and adventures to drag your players kicking a screaming to Jorune?


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