Monday, May 15, 2017

Hard Boiled Jorune?

Mock-up for the new SHOLARI magazine format
Does anyone write fiction about Jorune? 
Years ago I wrote a short story, "The Muadra's Meal", with the muads hiding in a cave from an isho storm outside. They had a ceremony to mark their community - and a dancing shantha. It was in one of the original Danstead Travellers and will re-appear in the forthcoming Collected Danstead Traveller. 
There is another story based on the adventures of the author-turned-querrid Mord Jalanor. He appeared in "Slam Desti, Boy Yord" way back in Sholrai #3, about 1996. It is called "Allidoth Confidential" and centered on an unexplored city up the coast from Ardoth and a very pulp mood with a Jorune twist.
While wondering where it should go, it occurred to me to ask if anyone else finds Jorune to be an interesting setting for a story. Maybe we could do an anthology. It could originate with a write of your favorite Jorune game.
To me 'story; means it is the narrative that is a point in the life of the protagonist important enough to tell. It is something at risk or desired to the point it marks a change in the life of the protagonist. Otherwise it is an anectdote. Most episodic television is anectodal - the character must be in the same position at the end as they were at the beginning (so shows can run in any order during syndication). Recently there have been real 'stories' on the telly - stories that are really 'life and death' - and it has improved the quality of many, many shows.
So, anyone have a story about Jorune that might be interesting to include in an anthology. (I would like a lot of noir/pulp stories in a pulp style cover... but that's me. Which matters because I'd actually publish a volume of fan-fiction.) 
Send me a private message if you have something.

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