Sunday, May 21, 2017

I was introduced to Jorune in 1992. In the past 27 years I had one break of about three years away, but the rest of the time has been pretty well saturated Jorune lore.

So when I recently mapped out what I wanted to get done, it was a surprise that I could get all of my foreseen projects done by mid 2018 (at my present pace).

The most recent include:

  • The Scar of Far Temauntro (in Sholari v2n1) - More about the Lamorri with an ancient curse
  • The Red Gate (in Sholari v2n2) - this incorporates a project formerly mentioned as 'the Mes Dig' 
  • ORFA Jorune (introduced in Sholariv2n1, but free download for future issues) - minimalistic system evolved from 2nd and 3rd Edition d20 systems, Jorune 3.5, Oracle, and other tweaks along the way.
  • The Blue Gate (in Sholari v2n2)  - a very different warp pairing
  • The Name of the World (Sholari v2n2) - new thoughts on a secret in Miles' original map 2 page map in 2nd Edition, plus nuances of Shanthic language.
  • The Gift (in Sholari v2n3) - there was once an eighth Isho, but there isn't now. And why the Ebba are kie-Ebba instead of ca-, like all the other lih-als. Also why there was so little recovery for the shanthat in the 1,000 years between the eviction of the Lamorri and the arrival of the Hoomanzi.
  • The Angel of Drail (standalone) - More about the Earth Colony, then and now
  • Day War or The Head Game (standalone) - soccer hooligans of Jorune
  • The Pits of Auklin (looking at v2n3) - to-the-death gladiators in the Dah-ah-dey underworld
  • New Jorune Atlas (not sure where this will go. May be a standalone) - pretty is nice
  • The Far Side of Jorune - what if there were no land masses on the far side of Jorune. Would that explain why the outer edges have no large cities? It would mean hellacious storms, mostly on the western shores. To be explored. Destination unknown.
  • Allidoth Confidential (standalone Jorune fiction) - the Dark Side of Allidtoh, featuring Mord Jalanor, author of the Slam Desti, Boy Yord stories.
  • Children of Bomoveris (Standalone) - A campaign write-up of an eight year game. this is the last of the new series I currently project, and it can be done by mid-2018

Background map for the New Jorune Atlas, based on Teves 2nd Edition Map

All of these are actually in various stages of completion, some are in editing, some are just outlines, others are waiting for art. 

Each of the Sholari will also have a reprint from previously published things, with proper editing. They include:

  • The Somar (from Sholari v1n2 for Sholari v2n1)
  • Introduction to Warp Mechanics (from Annals of the Tan Soor Historical Society for Sholari v2n3)
  • The Art Lovers (from Sholari v1n1 - destination tbd)
  • Slam Desti, Boy Yord (from Sholari v1n3 - destination tbd, maybe with additional Yule Dreadful stories added in a pseudo-pulp) 
  • Thriddle Culture and Measure (from Tan Soor but not clearly destined, yet)

But I'm sure some other things will come up along the way. I owe this to the appearance of Paul Pinkosh, who has turned into a very sympatico collabarator, proofreader and cohort. There is also the matter of two old Jorune illustrators returning (the first will be the cover on Sholari v2n1, of which I have managed to keep my mouth shut but I will say it has to do with a Jorune monument from a 3D model and... you'll have to wait to see it) and two more illustrators who are willing to do the work. I think Miles left shoes way to big to fill, but they are going to step up and do their own things. And I have been encouraged to pick up a pencil again. It's been a while.

So, all of this could be done by mid-2018.

But then what would I do? Will I find another planet for my dream time, or will more Jorune reveal itself. I don't know.

But I have to get back to work.

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