Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Ingredients for
Scars of Far Temauntro
In the background I do other things. I'm redoing the write-up of radio theater as a do-it-yourself project as part of a writer's retreat in a ghost town in Colorado. And I just finished an additional article for Sholari, Volume 2, Number 1 - "The Measure of Jorune" which includes weight, time, distance, and comparative calendars, which was drawn from one of my secret projects in the background - a Grand Unified Timeline for Jorune drawn from internet essays, White Wolfe essays, notes from Andrew, Sholari James and my own secret notes.

In the process I've been working on the detail from the Human Shanthic War, which was amazingly brief. This is the story of Iscin and Bomoveris, who knew each other before the war as leaders on opposite sides of factions answering the question "Now that Earth is gone, how do we live on Jorune?" The detailing goes from the last word from Jorune, the missed supply missions, and the expansion of humans into lands the Shantha did not agree humans could enter. And why there are places humans which were not to enter.

It's been interesting and I wish I had permission to do a real novel with real licensing, but it is satisfying. The background for the development of Iscin races and the reality of living alone as "the last man on Jorune" (so far as he knew) and then surrounded by Blount, Crugar, Bronth, Woffen and Tologra children. And a human shows up - someone he didn't like in the pre-war life.   "Forgive and forget, we're together now... "

But, it didn't turn out that way.

Iscin's labe from ALIEN LOGIC game.
I'm going to be writing a rough scene next, and the format is detailed timeline, so...
I'm thinking it will go into Sholari v2 n2. Maybe. Probably.

So, I just saw the semi-final render on the 3d scene that will be the foundatioin fo the cover painting for the cover... and I want to share that, but it will take away the fun of seeing it for the first time.

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