Sunday, July 16, 2017

I have a piece of Miles' art that is too big for my scanner. So I scanned it in halves (approximately) and stitched them together.

He was changing his style to deal with the demands of Hollywood for clean design sketches that would be turned into paintings or sets or prosthetics or maquettes. The result was very clean and gym-muscled characters that are more like Richard Corbin underground comics than what I think of as Miles Teves art.

But it is interesting to see. I know there is a narrative in the scene and will need to search to find it.

It's still a nifty piece of art.
Previously unpublished Miles Teves Jorune
Lack of comment is the best way to shut me up. I'm posting less frequently here. The silence was what made me stop doing Jorune for years. Maybe I'm expecting too much.

I am committed to getting three more pieces out, then will see if there is enough of an audience to do the others.

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