Tuesday, July 25, 2017

That'll do.

Jamie Cromwell passed. He was, among other things, the farmer who said "That'll do, pig." in Babe. Loved him. Loved the movie.

Art by Joe Department. I do not like my work - I would prefer that it be done by a real artist. But I can accept this. Mummified head of a Lamorri for the rework of The Somar, appearing in Sholari Magazine, volume 2, number 1. Did two other pieces I do not like at all, so I'm working on those, and the rest of what is required, today.

But, just holding up the art pad, it's a little dim, but the Lamorri is there. Think - "Ramian with 200% the brain case, and about 50% larger than a Ramian head..." and then go poot. As tall as a Corastin, smarter than a Ramian... might eat a Thriddle. Poot.

It will look better in the publication. Black and white.

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