Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Lost Is Found

The stitched scans, still all dirty doo doo crap.
When I was originally working up notes for a story set in Auklin (planned for release in Sholari v2n3) I did a "sketch" - a blueline pencil sketch that I had started to in with a girl in the thombo cart bring her produce to town down from the mountains above the lake with a Corastin friend. It was fun to do, but then it was lost. That was in California, 1994 or so. Then I moved to Colorado. Then back to California. Several addresses in California and then back to Colorado. Called it quits in Colorado and moved to North Carolina. I've been at the same address since the summer of 2005. Around the winter of 2010 my shed behind the house rotted through and water (and lots of it) got into to my books, magazines, original art, and more.

It thought it was all lost.

After some Photoshop time. I can accept this.
But while going through art this weekend I found it. Very surprised because it was in with original Miles art, and my original Miles art gets respected and protected.

But it was messed up. Age. Torn. Stained. Dirty.

And it was too large to scan in one go, so I scanned it more than once and tweaked it to the point where I might be able to use it.

I have some Photoshop skills.

And I guess Cedars of Lebanon survived on Jorune. Or something amazingly similar.

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