Sunday, July 30, 2017

I must have been a horrible person... a previous life, because it just keeps happening like this.

I finally got some of the interior art done for Sholari v2n1. I have have holding off because I know there are much better artist, and I consider myself a 'concept man'. I write. I wanted to be a comic book artist when I was 14, but only occasionally do any art at all.

But I forced myself to do some art, liberally cribbed off a Miles Teves.

And then I went to scan them.

Apple just upgraded its operating system (now 10.12.6) and the scanner I used two weeks ago to do some scans no longer scans. And it is not just the Preview program from Apple, the import into Photoshop is also blocked. And the new upgrade for my Epson Artisan 725 is not available. The answer for any problem with Apple is "You should buy a new printer". That is the same ploy Microsoft used around 1994 where every upgraded required new hardware and/or paid software upgrades. But that is all just an amazing coincidence, I'm sure.

So I did some quick and dirty scans with an iPhone app called Scanbot, which does a really good job on small print documents. I feel like a 1960s spy every time I use it. So I got some scans that could be used in a pinch (after a good deal of photoshopping). Oh well.

I have to grimey up some computer art to make it look like wasn't drawn on a comptuer (a floor plan for a wrecked Lamorri spaceship, and the ebbijarkis (those with some Shanthic language chosps might be able to figure what that is - or who have been paying attention.

Two muadra NPCs, the original Somar, and a forest thriddle... progress. But I want to get them properly scanned.

And where do you run where the prairie is on fire?

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