Friday, July 28, 2017

Adjusting to Reality (Never my strong suit)

Map for the two Temauntro adventures is Sholari v2n1
Well, it is clear that the books I hoped to have up for sale in July will not get up until August. At least.

THE SONG OF ORPHANS, my science fantasy novel from 1977, was going to go up on but I have run into repeated problems with the cover, using the templates from Ingrham, their POD company. And somehow a hardcover version is on the sales system and I never set up a hardcover. So - THAT has to be put together.

SHOLARI MAGAZINE, Volume 2, Number 1, all the material is in except 4 pieces of art - and the cover shoudl be done this week, but it will still be August before it rolls. 

The collected versions of BORKELBY'S FOLLY, DANSTEAD TRAVELLER, and JORUNE ACCORDING TO SHOLARI JAMES are at a standstill from a complete lack of communications from the original editors (on the last two) and two contributors fro the first. Frozen until we get clarification - or pull certain articles from the re-released collection. Which is weird because over the past year Andrew has been pretty good about responding and chatting. Which is nice.

GOMO GUIDE: TAN IRICID was not planned for July, but I am hoping for September. The material has piled up over the years and it has jelled quickly. A good deal of secret history involved. 

THE ANGEL OF DRAIL is also coalescing nicely for a fall release. As is GOMO GUIDE: PONTEER
I hope to have six items out by the end of the year, down from the original plan of ten, but after the long drought, six would be good. I have a serious campaign gearing up for 2018, and the of SHOLARI, v2n2
People who stop communicating has been a problem throughout the history of Jorune. Don't know what it is, but it is a pattern. My biggest problem is art. Art art art. 

No - let me correct that. My biggest problem is my expectations. I confuse people saying that they want to do something, or that they are going to do something, with someone actually DOING that thing. That is not just a problem with Jorune - it has been a cultural problem that has gotten worse over the past few decades. 

And i don't have the power to change that. 

(I made the mistake of trying to copy a post from Facebook to the blog and it suddenly had 4 to 6 carriage retruns for every one in the post. Ah, the wonders of Facebook code. So I retyped this and hope it does NOT repeat this time.)


  1. How are going to purchase items? This question could be stupid but I am just being lazy

  2. A perfectly reasonable questions. An it will be announcer here and as many other links as I can come up with, sold through DRIVE THRU RPG, PDF and Print. And I got the "final" art for the cover - ha ha haha ha (is anything EVER final?). But great question.

  3. Announced. Not announcer. I type too fast. :(