Thursday, August 10, 2017

And closer...

Got word from the editor she will be done with the last couple of pages, very very soon. Like later today? Tomorrow?

So SSC will go live in the next day or so.

PayPal has been set up and I will announce the page to do that on one of the four access plans.

Sholari has started layout. The last of the art is being scanned by a friend today. Maybe even now. So it will go live in DTRPG for PDF immediately, and print as it becomes possible.

Gomo Guide: Thantier is advancing.

SAK: Angel of Drail, likewise.


I have to say I am really happy with a couple of harmonics.

SAK - Sholari Adventure Kit. Also, the first word Tars Tarkas said to John Carter in the book that launched me on this whole science fiction/roller coaster ride. I had read Heinlein and Norton juvenile novels in junior high, but A Princess of Mars was life changes. As was the first used copy o fsecond edition that I found at Gamescape.

THAT issue of SSC #6, D Bruce Berry
And SSC? Segment: Sho-Caudal? SSC was also the abbreviation for Star Studded Comics, a fanzine with amatuer strips in the early 1960s from the Texas Trio. They were original a ditto zine with a four color litho cover, but the first issue I saw was the stack of stapled pages called Star Studded Comix #6, with a cool color cover by D Bruce Berry. It was on the kitchen table of my friend Wayne Baldaros apartment in Burbank about 1965. SSC gave birth to Batwing, which gave us George RR Martin as a fanboy, and SSC also fostered many artists that would later turn pro. It was just after I discovered A Princess of Mars - later that same year, in fact.

The old days of magic for me.

So to be working on a new SSC is very satisfying. As is new meaning for SAK. And being back into Jorune.

All good.

And maybe new magic for someone.

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