Sunday, August 20, 2017

Too Busy to Blog.

I am doing the layout for Sholari v2n1 and am doing the radical thing of doing it SLOWLY. And checking back with the editor for certain questions. And letting it sit for a day or two to digest into the final form.

And forgetting to post in the blog. I'm busy.

Old Crosby Stills and Nash song I love - Long Time Coming.  And I view Jorune has a metaphor for succulents in the desert. It is dry, and there are needles to pierce you after long periods of drought. But one morning they bloom.

I hope it will be be worth the wait.

Sholari v2n1 is all about Lamorri, without a single Lamorri appealing. Sizzle. There's got to be a pony here somehwere. But two stories in North Temauntro.

I'm fighting with simple things. Copy point size. 11point with 13 point leading, or 12 point with 14 point leading. That kind of thing. The larger type is easier to read but will requie more page. It looks like about 60 pages, so .the decision has to be made.

But that is not all I am doing.

I am contining work on Segment: Sho-Caudal. Writing morefor  #3, maps and scale.  And an Invitation to Heresy. Wait for it.

And pulling together 25 years of notes for Gomo Guide: Tan Iricid. Knowledge. Secret Events. Thriddle history and culture. Thriddle schooling system. Detail for The Gift and the birth of the Sea of Cerridus.

And bits dribble out from time to time for the first SAK. Sholari Adventure Kit. This one is The Angel of Drail which gives details on Eastern Drail, Ponteeer, Earth-tec, and the Seraphim Guard. With cool toys for players to desire.

I juggle. I never do one thing at a time. But things get out. i work on one channel until it burns down. Peole want me to work on just one thing, but I have never been able to do that. "Think of what you could do if you just do one thing," they push.

Yeah, well where are your twenty plus stage play productions, and over 300 radio shows, about 100 of which were fully scripted and produced radio dramas. And two novels. And an anthology of short stories. And three issues of Sholari magazine - so far. And Annals of the Tan Soor Historical Society. And two versions of the first Gomo Guide to Thoneport. And several books on which my name does not appear, because it is part of my philosophical and spiritual life to do so. All by juggling.

So... shaddup.

And I'm juggling right now. Things are completing.  Reboot of Gomo Guide: Thoneport. Segement: Sho-Caudal #1, and #2 is already completed for mail out in September. And Sholari v2n1 will finally appear in PDF and I gird my loins for the fight to bring it out in print. And everything stays in the air, passing through my hands and occasional gets real and falls out of the juggle to reality.

When something hits the ground, another goes into the air. Like Sholari v2n2 with more about Warps than you may want to know. With two adventures, a full introduction, and a major caveat. Juggle juggle juggle.

In the desert there can be desolation and despair, and the water table may sink away, making a difficult existance more miserable. But then, one day, you wake up and the colors of the blossoms are beyond your dreams or expectations.

And I have to remember to just let it come and enjoy the hell out of it when it reaches reality.

Which will be difficult. I have some pretty strange dreams.

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