Friday, August 4, 2017

Remember the old Segment: Jorune?

Sho Caudal
Remember SEGMENT: JORUNE from the old White Wolf magazine? I've been thinking of doing something like that. My rolling notebook. I have 20 years of notes finding an outlet in Return to Jorune, but it is just making my juices boil.

For example I've been doing details on timelines from the end of the Shanthic war, to the arrival and explusion of the Lamorri, to the Tragedy of the Gift (yeah, it's coming), to the arrival of hoomanzie, Shyee and points up to last week, when the Dharsage Dandrenn's first grandchild was born.

And I'm thinking of a Sholari Joe notebook, or something like it. At least nine a year, probably more. Subscription as $5 per month. that would help my cash flow. PDF by email. In addition to the stream of project damming up behind the DriveThruRPG wall. Material from such a notebook will most likely wind up in a later product. If I stay alive, that is. (We can get the PDF up for sale almost immediately, but the print version will require a testicle.)

Maps. Historical details. Locations. Illustrations/diagrams. Dangerous stray thoughts.
20 people at $5 a month would make a significant improvement in my cash flow.

(Did you know Sholaris don't get paid shit, compared to your average aubrey stack cleaner who travels from farm to farm in rural North Khodre?)

So ... thinking about it. Anybody interested in such a thing?

I may take a steal from the past and do "Sho Caudal According to Dhar Copra Joe"... or ... "Dances with Shantha" or something, but the name Sho Caudal will be there.  (Segment: Sho-Caudal?)


I just posted this four times. I tried to copy a post from Facebook to put in the blog, but it came through with eight carriage returns instead of one, just as happened last week with another post. I deleted the other versions with the extra carriage returns - they weren't all that thrilling. But if you got more than one notification - sorry.

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