Friday, September 8, 2017

Hmm. I thought I had written much more about Heresy for Jorune for SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL #3. Much more. So I'm also sharing the "how Joe wrote for RPG"s back in the old days of the 1990s. Way back then. Specifically for Jorune (isho appears in very few games) but applicable to other settings.

Scribble scribble scribble. Got to get it to the editor to have it ready for the 5th. And when I get stuck, I can always go back to GOMO GUIDE: TAN IRICID or ORFA: JORUNE. Or my new metaphysical book, THE THREE SIDED COIN. (That one is hurting my brain.)

I have old maps you may have never seen, or seen and not understood, or seen and not liked. Too bad.

I guess some Thivin have included Ebba crystals in their furniture design. I notice it before, but forgot. I'm old.

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