Monday, September 11, 2017

The Call

I asked before, but it just got real. We are going to do some Jorune fictions, and a couple of the projects I've been trying to wrestle into RPG terms I think I may do in Prose. THE ANGEL OF DRAIL will be the first for that treatment.

Big Crugar in Snow. No wonder he's pissed.
Fred Lang has supplied a very cool cover, and I can think of not better place for it than on the cover of a Jorune Anthology. I even have a title for it. I'll spill those beans later.

So the call is for short stories. Fiction. Jorune. Let's say "now", which is 3,500 years in the future, but that "now." You have a full planet, over twenty races, very, very few verbotten zones. Maybe there is a MacGuffin you've always wanted, or wanted your favorite character to get - or to lose - or to steal from someone. And a romance. Or wonder what a drunken woffen smells like the next day. Plus relationships, haunts...

Writers? Can you find a story in that?

If you have a bent for fiction and a twist for Jorune, why not combine the two? Write. Finish what you write. Write more.

Part of this is because I am dealing with SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL #3 growing under me ... it's way too many pages. Damn.

I'm going to have to split the content between two issues, and a big chunk has been under the "Invitation to Heresy." That is about the tools I have used for a couple of decades to develop Jorune related material - RPG, Fiction, pipe dreams - like that. I'll move the maps and measurement into SSC #4

So, I'll pull all that together for people to use when the next captain moves into the helm (and they are just lining up for that) will have the same tools. Or people who had an interest in developing a neglected part of the planet will have some resources to help them steer their own course.

SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL #3, Canon, major and minor, Invitation to Heresy, and How To Do It.

SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL #4, Maps, Measurements, and going off trail.

But the deal here is ... Short Stories. Jorune. You. Really. Not talking about it. Doing it. In fact, a couple of people already have. Adventures, Historicals, Jaroon (remember Jaroon?)... lots of possibilities.

If you love Jorune.

Oh, payment. Yeah. Percentage of sales. Sorry - no advances. Yet. Maybe that could happen, But percentage on sales directly through DrivethruRPG or DrivethruFiction. Royalties without me getting my flabby mitts on it. That's part of the deal, too.

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