Friday, September 1, 2017

Cue the Lightning Machine. It's Alive!

Cover, Sholari v2n1 by Steve Devaney
It seems to be alive.

It's twitching and stuff.

SHOLARI MAGAZINE, Volume 2, Number 1

The fonts are in order, thanks to Font Wrangler George Hammond.

The edits are almost all in, thanks to Paul Pinkosh and Matthew Pook.

The cover has been getting some ballyhoo, thanks to Steve Devaney.

We have the usual appreciations to offer to creators Andrew Leker, Miles Teves, Amy Leker, David Ackerman, Mark Wallace and the other initiates of the one true order of the World of the Seven Moons. Without them, we would have to walk on the ground, instead of on their shoulders. 

Newcomer Marc Debidour has contributed some interesting illustrations for the pesonnel found in the feature piece, "The Scars of Far Temauntro". Which the clever among you will see prophesied for about twenty years. 

And the re-presentation of "The Somar" from Sholari v1n2 is much more satisfying than I had expected it to be. That was published about 1996 but 21 years later is in full bloom. In this 

Paul Pinkosh conducted an interview with me to answer the question "Why Journe?"

And I answered some questions no one asked to offer the beginning of a series of editorial essays. This one is titled "A World of One's Own".

The PDF is up. The nice thing about a PDF edition is that corrections can still be made, with a free upgrade going to everyone who bought one. No extra charge. I expect there to be at least one more edition because - I have history as the Master of the Typos. Or misspelling my own name. Or something embarrassing - it doesn't count it if isn't embarrassing.

$12 and the vast sums get divided among the participants. Fair is fair. I'm sure tens and tens of dollars are going to roll in. We will be lounging in the luxury of paper wrapped meals with little packets of flavor as extras. And if you can bear deferred gratification, the print version will be $14, and comes with a free PDF copy. You could think of it as the PDF for $12, and the print version for just $2 more. You could.

It encourages in our shared delusions.

Next, we will be delusions with a minimalist notion of a game based on this world we share, where we take on other skins to adventure in a place we see better than anyone else could. Role Playing Games allow you to finish the scene to your own personal satisfaction. 

The next flavor of the delusion will be ORFA: JORUNE, a 1d20 system to make it possible to bring people unfamiliar with gaming, or this world, into a few introductory expeditions to see if it is worth converting you your own true polygon orthodoxy. Or not, as you choose. This one will have all the personnel from SHOLARI MAGAZINE v2n1 as sample characters. 

And after that we are looking at GOMO GUIDE: TAN IRICID. Really. We are. And the newly founded SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL might dribble out with a few issues between the bigger chunks. They might.

But, did I mention SHOLARI MAGAZINE v2n1 is up? On DriveThruRPG. Did I?

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