Thursday, September 7, 2017

The previous SHOLARI VOLUME 2 idea

Three covers of Sholari v2 that never was.
Yeah. this is not the first time around.

Around 2005 I had the idea to revive SHOLARI magazine and I did what I normally do, I did my version of a "doodle" around the idea. three covers. I can't find them now, but I did one graphic using the three graphics. And if you look closely you can see the beginnings of the current RETURN TO JORUNE project.

Look at the titles on the first issue ... Drail will be featured in THE ANGEL OF DRAIL, which had already been outlined; Auklin will be featured in SHOLARI v2n3. The cover of the first issue was the map idea I did recently in a mock up for future GOMO GUIDEs.

On the second issue, you have the beginnings of the GOMO GUIDE: TAN IRICID.

On the third was going to be the explanation of the J20 game system, now called ORFA. i was always pleased with the way I colorized Miles' Muadra portrait.

Just a ghost from the past.

Ghosts of the present can be found at

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