Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Zombie Jorune

I have been seriously out of touch with profound problems with Apple and how they handle my access to my Macs, with the rejoinder "We don't support that anymore." But I've been able to get things up to the point where I can start working with a word processor again.

I've had other Earth drama related to health and cash flow, but what else is new?

But tonight I got a very interesting note from a guy who wants to interview me for his old school D&D blog - about Jorune.

So, if something happens there, I'll post the information here.

If you post to other Jorunis, please carry that word. When I'm the only one posting, I'm the only one posting. When other people post, people start a conversation.

The Colonial Ballot piece threatened to blow up, so I'm trying to keep it down to <20 pages and will release it as Segment: Sho Caudal #12.1, and the Game-Bashing with ORFA as #12.2. I can't really give a date on either of them, yet. But it continues to boil on the back burner.

And I think the thirteenth will have the collection the original blurbs for SSC was supposed to be - pages from my notebooks. There are a lot of things I had hoped to write but the combination of advancing neuropathy (robbing my fingers), and the retinopathy/macular edema robbing my vision, those will have to be released. Maybe some of it will give another Joruni some ideas - for their own games, or maybe in a more public forum.

But I'm trudging along, so far.