Thursday, December 12, 2019

Another Tongue Heard From

A Spanish Joruni contacted me to share his Jorune page. I keep my Chrome browser on Translate and, while rough, it is nice to hear another view of Jorune - and his passion for the 2nd Edition, which is the high water mark for the world we once shared.

I'm coming back up - several months try to keep a leg (I did), fall at home (bleh), and car accident (nobody hurt, except pride and future, since I don't drive now). Back on the NPC project for ORFA. I may send out ORFA: Jorune, real final, without the NPCs, but they could come later. A couple dozen pre-gens.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

New Jorune Channel

I got a notice for a Jorune group on

Anybody know anything about it?

So far they seem to know their way around Second Edition Boxed Set, but little of what has happened with Jorune since then, including Third Edition.

I try to educate where I can, but it would be better to get the similarly afflicted to tell them about Jorune in reality. So to speak.