Sunday, May 17, 2020

Remember the Golden Age


I'm sure when the history of Earth is condensed for transport in the Colonial Authority archives to be taken to Jorune, they will talk bout the Plague of 2020/21. It will have been a game changer for how we deal with disease, each other, animals, and business.

It has not caused great changes for me - I'm an old man stuck in the house all the time anyway. But as other people learn to live in my reality, I am examining that reality to see where I can make changes.

An appreciation of this period of history seems required. I'm old. I remember before terrorism was a common part of the American experience. I remember when world travel was something only rich people could do. I remember when "rush hour" was just an hour. I remember when comic books were just ten-cents and an alternative to television was radio - for stories, not just music.

My mind drifts to Jorune and I have to actively try to not start new projects. I have a few to finish and have come up with a way to bring them together.

It occurs to me that the "Gomo Guide: Tan Iricid" could be a special, extra thick, issue of SHOLARI MAGAZINE with article after article on the Thriddle island and culture. Maybe something extra.

The "Children of Bomoveris" could also be a special, extra thick, issue SHOLARI MAGAZINE. Article would include the plot line, the details of the major settings of the campaign, ORFA NPCs for the campaign, and maybe a couple of little bits of Jorune interests that are beyond those specifics.

The Problem of Art

So what is the big hold up? ART! I have COLLECTED DANSTEAD TRAVELLER ready to go except for the cover. I know what I want for the cover. I tried to draw it. And it needs to be ART, not what Joe could do.

So if you are an artist who likes Jorune but are not part of the solution, feel guilty. One piece of art, I have specs for it - and they're pretty flexible.




That's the hang up. I do maps, I do collages. I tweak existing art, color black and white.

But, really - I'm not an illustrator.

Who is?

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