Tuesday, September 10, 2019

ORFA Tweak and Danstead

A Jorune in France helped with some good edits on the ORFA Jorune, and while going through to do edits I discovered a complete SNAFU.

Sigh. All of the derived skills or the Social Characteristic vanished. Poof. Regular and Isho-related. It was there once upon a time, but - a puff of smoke.

No one mentioned it, so it would lead me to believe people either have not read it or think I meant to send it out that way.

But... better to find it than not find it.

And the cover for Danstead will be a rework from Teves art to include the lothern Kym said she wanted on the cover. And a bit more.

Progress, but definitely not perfection. Is it ever.

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