Saturday, December 2, 2017


I don't undestand.

Someone posted a real crazymaking message on Jorune, I asked for specifics and they repeated the same statement.

Not to give away all the secrets.

Like that would even be possible. It is an entire planet and to this point I have detailed one neighborhood of one city, one prevously undiscussed part of history (Lamorri Invasion), and a new bit of history unknown - the end of the Mashalta-Ca in the tragedy of the Gift. On continental masses equal to the New World, approximately.

And after that was "keep up the good work." So - pixies will come in the night to tell me what "All" meants, or an example fo where I did it.

Stop, do more, don't do what your doing but good work.

I'd be in a realtionship if I wanted that kidn of passive agreesivnes. At least there I might get laid.

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  1. Haha! Good luck with that.
    I am sorry. I'm having trouble with my email/ posting. Sometimes it just doubles up.
    Jorune "canon" is full of full of mysteries to be solved. Adventures should tackle some of these. The fictions should be character driven and not give so much away.
    I think you mentioned Star Trek. Knowing how everything works in that universe is what some people love about Star Trek. Sholari James took this tack when he delineated his view of the world.
    I think that a story that tells only as much as the main character knows is a deeper tale. And easier to write.
    As I said, I see jorune as a huge bag of the Supernatural and paranormal.Crystals,astrology,astral projection (smoking gigit). Plus a unhealthy dose of H.G. Wells. Dr. Moreau, Food of the God's.
    That's what I see in the canon.
    I don't know much about Leker, but I think I can guess where their heads were at.