Sunday, September 2, 2018

I'm told not posting to this page is a bad thing. So I will post. The project I thought would be 1/3 of SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL #12 has been growing.

THE COLONIAL BALLOT has become longer, more complex and may become a stand-alone "product" through Why would people leave Earth to become Colonials? What would they be going TO? Basic negotiations with the aliens, the Thriddle/Shantha team would be completed - what does that mean? What do they know about the new world? What would they be going FROM? What is the technology they will expect to share with the Mother Planet - planks, rolls, 'tons, and the great gift of Aubrey? What is the Colonial life-expectancy? Do they plan to move as permanent emigres to Jorune's planet? Do they go for purely intellectual and scientific purposes? Do they expect to return with fame and wealth? To they hope their grandchildren will have a new and wonderful life?
Plank image of Receiving District

It is possible to build a satisfying campaign based on the first generation of Colonials. Or during the Human-Shanthic War.

JORUNE BASHING, which will address system and setting, has also grown and may become another free download for the Jorune Comunity. ORFA: JORUNE - ditto. Possibly combined with BASHING for download. And since I do not feel a "monthly" pressure I hope they will emerge properly, rather than to fit an artificial deadline. If it takes another month, it takes another month. I can produce yet another typo-riddled document, but do anyone really need that? There may be typos regardless, but the content is what matters most to me. The copy-editing may or may not come. Depends on my copy-editors. We shall see. But what we see should be worth the wait. Eh? Ditto for the two final issues of SSC. And if it takes a bit longer, so what?

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