Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Life on Planet Joe

The weekly breakdown that
gives Planet Joe focus.
Reduced stress is a good thing. I'm working on the Patreon project for long term support to do things I will give away on the web, with a couple of exceptions. But it requires time and effort.

For Jorune, the polish is going onto ORFA and a programmed character sheet for creating some nice pages for gameplay. And fully generated NPCs, including the characters that appeared in Sholari v1n3 - Slam Desti, and v2n1 - Scars of Far Temauntro and The Somar. I have about 30 of these, including player characters from old games. It makes for a good variety of races and occupations. It will make a nice bundle.

I'm trying to put together a MySQL database for the Lexicon projects - it will be about 3,000 words including the content from all three editions of Skyrealms of Jorune, plus Sholari James, plus Sholari, plus Borkelby's Folly, plus the White Wolf articles, plus the original Skyrealms Inc. essays, plus Annals of the Tan Soor Historical Society, plus the Gomo Guides (Thoneport and Tan Iricid), plus Segment: Sho-Caudal... and if we can get a full copy of Sarceen's Knowledge (or someone who does the input from their copy), we can include that, too.

Those two should fulfill my hope to go out with a splash. At least out of 2019. I'm hoping for four releases in the next four months. Not too bad.

I think I'll use some of the next Day Joe (Monday to you blokes) to work on the art for Danstead Traveller. That's all it needs to get done, but artists just artn't coming through.

Saturdays are Day RPG, so I'll worry about more Jorune then.

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